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Aldenham Park has the facilities and features available to host a variety of events to cater for all.


Aldenham Park had a number of different sized rooms and facilities to suit conferences and other similar meetings. Whether these are held in the ballroom which seats 140 people, or in the more intimately panelled dining room which can seat 40 people comfortably.

Concerts and Recitals

Aldenham is a stunning location for concerts and recitals. These events can take place in either the large library dominated by the imposing picture of King Charles I by Van Dyke or in the Ballroom. Both have excellent acoustics and can seat 100-140 respectively.

Filming & Photography

Both the inside of the house and the grounds with the Palladian Chapel lend themselves to a wide range of photographic activities. From the grandeur of the Saloon and Ballroom to the attics, which have been frozen in time since the house was used as a boarding school during World War II, there are a myriad of opportunities for shoot locations.

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